Your partner is going some where far away for a very long time... Get in the conversation between a couple starting on a long-distance relationship.

This is a game made in 9 hours for our own self-initiated Valentine's Day game jam, recounting an experience that happened to us 2 years ago.

Like they say, "Love transcends all boundaries."


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I too was really surprised - I did not expect to stick through until the end but it was well done and very convincing. Never felt like a dialogue tree, it felt like a real conversation

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Glad you like the game! Maybe it's because it's a conversation that really happened... I'm hoping players will be able to relate to/feel the emotions - maybe not just the part about going on a LDR, but also that love overcomes barriers. I hope you felt it :)

I was pleasantly surprised with this game, It had alot of emotions and really made you think carefully regarding what actions to take because you want to make sure the couple can work things out, a great game and a topic that can hit home for a few couples that have to deal with this type of situation

I have attached a link of a playthrough I did, how did your stories pan out?

Hey! Glad you like the game :)

So... I am the guy in the story. I came back from my trip 8 months ago and we are doing well now :p