In this short puzzle platformer, players follow the life of a lil' polygon as he embarks on a journey to become a Circle - the ultimate polygon with infinite edges.

Perhaps we are all polygons, each of us in our own futile journey to take on something bigger than ourselves; to become what we are not. But to what end?

This is a project done by a group of National University of Singapore students for the NM3216 Game Design course.


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Just awesome.

Thank you! :)

I enjoyed it, but i am confused, can you win, or do you just go back to the start?

Hmmm... can you really win in Life? ;P

Glad you enjoyed it!

I have never felt so sad about a god damn shape before. Really good job. Hope to see more from you.

HAHA thanks for playing! :)

Life is strange<Life of a polygon


fun game.

Haha I am flattered. I wouldn't make such a comparison myself, but glad you liked the game!

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Enjoyed this game. Inspired to make a game myself.

I am glad you liked it! I am also glad the game inspired you!! :)